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This follows a quick string of discovery I made while making a post about the 108 Degree weather possible for Baltimore, Maryland.

Apparently this week (around July 4th, 2012) there was a parade/demonstration of people dressed in Panda costumes performing a Tai Chi routine.  This article about it, 108 Pandas, mentions:

Pandas, one of the world’s most endangered species with less than 1,600 left in the wild, are threatened largely by habitat loss.
Many efforts to increase their numbers are taking place at special breeding centres, such as Chengdu Panda Base in China.
The centre started out with only six pandas initially, but its numbers have grown considerably. There are now a total of 108 living in Chengdu base – the same number reflected in Wednesday’s performance.

So I believe the 108 Pandas are there to mirror the 108 moves of Tai Chi they are doing.  But also there is one specific region of China that has exactly 108 known Pandas living in it!?