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This one is a bit harder to verify, but it was still a mention that I found interesting.  I was listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast (which is great if you like comedy by the way), and the episode I was listening to was #274, the one with Bob Zmuda.  Zmuda has tons of great stories, and he goes on at length through some interesting stuff about Andy Kaufman.  If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a sort of conspiracy theory, or just a regular theory if you know anything about Andy Kaufman, that he may have faked his own death.  Before that however, he was writing a script for a movie with Zmuda.  In the WTF podcast, Zmuda mentions that Kaufman called him up one day and said he wanted to rewrite page 108 of their script, changing it to say that the character Tony Clifton (one of Kaufman’s big personalities) would die at Cedars Sinai hospital.  This happens to be the actual hospital where Andy Kaufman would eventually die not too long after.  Coincidence??

Anyway, I couldn’t find a specific reference to that script online, but just thought it was erie the way Zmuda specifically mentions that the conspiracy gears really take hold on that edit of page 108 of the script.

Check out the podcast here (seriously, its a great listen!):