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Table 108

This one’s simple. We were eating at a restaurant boat in Portland. The check came and BAM! The number 108 is staring back at me. This time we were apparently seated at table 108 (although it says Tab 108, it’s short for table)


Ok, I JUST checked into the blog to see if there were any new posts.  While I was I had some music playing on  At the time a song was playing by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros called “Home”.  I really was digging it so I wanted to go look...

108 Pops Up in The USA Today

I love it when the “stars align” and more than one factor contributes to finding the number 108.  It’s not just about happening to look up at the clock and seeing that it’s 1:08 PM.  It’s sort of scary when a series of events have to...