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Oldest message in a bottle was 108 years old

Oldest message in a bottle was 108 years old

This is from a story I saw on CNN about the oldest message in a bottle.  According to the article, a message in a bottle was just found that places it at 132 years old, but previously the record was held by a message that was 108 years old....

108 Beats Per Minute – Beethoven and Radiolab

In a recent episode of the Radiolab show, they were discussing Beethoven having written his symphonies at a tempo that is much faster than how his symphonies are played and recorded today.  They note that many times Betthoven’s work is played around 74 beats per...

Like candy from a baby

Tonight on MythBusters they did a study to see how hard it is to take candy from a baby. They created a device to measure how hard they had to pull to get the candy out of the baby’s hand and they came up with 1.08 pounds of pressure.