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Total Post Height is 108 Inches

Total Post Height is 108 Inches

I was browsing online for porch support posts to replace the ones on my house.  Looking up the specs for one of them I noticed that they list the post as being exactly 108 inches high.

108 On The Heart Rate Monitor

I’ve been debating getting a heart rate monitor… finally started working out again.  I know I wouldn’t actually use it too much though, so I thought I would look for something cheap.  I looked on Craigslist and found a reference to this Timex model...

108 Inch Curtains

I recently had a conversation with two people who are completely aware that 108 inches is a standard length for curtains.  Don’t believe me?  Google it and see.

108 Ratings

One last comparison shopping post from me tonight… man the 108s have been on a roll lately! I bought some stuff for work recently from  They have lots of cheap prices on all sorts of things.. mainly office and computer type equipment and supplies,...

108 Health Plans

I was shopping around for some new health insurance tonight because, let’s be honest, I think I am paying out the a$$ for the plan I have now.  Nobody said it would be easy being a small businessman but gimme a break.  Anywho, the first thing that popped up on...