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Like candy from a baby

Tonight on MythBusters they did a study to see how hard it is to take candy from a baby. They created a device to measure how hard they had to pull to get the candy out of the baby’s hand and they came up with 1.08 pounds of pressure.

Good Luck Chuck

A while back, Jinn and I were watching an afternoon showing of the movie Good Luck Chuck on TV.  The gist of the movie is that women begin to believe that if they sleep with Chuck (played by Dane Cook) then the next man they meet will become their husband. In the...

BP Pays $108 Million in Fines

Saw a 60 Minutes piece on the oil spill and they mentioned this hard fact that BP has paid $108 million in fines. See the pic.

Hero: 108

As I was flipping through kid friendly programming on The Tube as the gray skies opened with rain, I came across an actual Cartoon Network animated series called Hero 108. I can’t believe this exists. Nor should you!


Here’s a shot from an episode of Heroes I caught that shows a hotel key to room number, that’s right, 108.

108 Mentioned on the Daily Show

This past week, John Stewart had Mike Huckabee on as a guest for The Daily Show. The talked about Huckabee’s new book and then Stewart changed the topic to Maurice Clemmons, a person had had recently killed 4 police officers in Washington State. Huckabee had...