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108 On Homeland – Again

108 On Homeland – Again

The last time I posted a 108 finding in an episode of Homeland I was binge watching old episodes to catch up.  This time I’m actually watching new episodes of the current season.  In the first episode there is already another 108 appearance.  It makes me wonder...

108 Years For the Cubs, 10/8 was the Day

It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series – 1908.  Not only that, the Cubs claimed victory 108 years ago on 10/8/(19)08 – 10/8. HERE is an article that touches on more mysteries around the number 108 in the Cubs quest for a World...

U-Haul 108 Siting

After helping a family move using a 26′ U-haul truck, I found this spread across the side (top left corner).

108 + Inches of Snow in Beantown

Gotta say that 108 has been appearing more and more lately. The latest is that Boston has accumulated a tad over 108 inches of snow – a record for that city.

Many 108’s in One Day

Yesterday, while at the beach, I ran into a man who was wearing a 108th Boston Marathon t-shirt. Additionally, I checked my Spotify account only to find that I officially comprised 108 playlists. Not a stat I frequently view. To top it off, HBO was nominated for many...

108 Shots Made in One Basketball Game

A young basketball player at a small school scored 138 points in one game and 108 shots! Check out the headline story in the NY Times...