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Everyone is making a big deal about the speech Chris Christie gave today.  The real news of course is that he is having to make such a long speech thanks to the controversy about the bridge lanes closure scandal, or “Bridgegate”.  But a lot of the news outlets are reporting on the exact length of his speech.  I was watching some CNN when the anchor mentioned the length of his speech specifically.  From the CNN broadcast and the transcript on their website:

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Darren Kavinoky and Sunny Hostin, thank you both very much.

Coming up, much more on the story of the day, Chris Christie in a 108- minute long news conference, potentially the biggest news conference of his political career, he took responsibility, he apologized, he fired a staff member, but could he himself face charges, not just civil, criminal.

Yup, Chris Christie’s speech was 108 minutes long.  He must mean business!