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I just had two small 108 instances pop up for me that happened within a day or two of each other so I figured I’d log them in.

The first was that I wanted to offer a customer of mine a value-add to their photography package.  So I said I would give them an extra 15 photos in their album for free.  I wanted them to know what the value of their freebie was so I tallied it up for them.  I price the extra images at $7.20 each, and 15 of them add up to $108

The next instance is much more random even.  I was uploading photos for a customer to an online gallery.  The upload started to act funny so I had to stop it.  I checked in on the gallery to see where the upload left off.  It had stopped at image #262.  So I selected the remaining images that hadn’t uploaded yet, #263-#370, and it equals 108 images.