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Ok, this one is happening all over the place right now.  If you haven’t heard, there is a prank going around the internet where people are telling you to say “108” to Siri on your iPhone and that something funny/cool/mysterious will happen.

Really though, what happens is that your iPhone will call 911 or the emergency services number for whatever country you are in.

That is because in India the 911 equivalent is 108.  So an iPhone thinks that you may be a person from India that is visiting the United States, and that you may be in trouble because your instinct is to ask for help by dialing or saying 108.  The iPhone smartly converts your request to the appropriate number for where you actually are and dials 911 in your area.

So don’t be a jerk and try this prank because all it will do is tie up emergency services and potentially take their resources away from actually helping someone in need.

This is already happening in my home state of Maryland, as quoted here from a CBS online article:

“This prank is already spreading among Annapolis teens and has the potential to dangerously tie up 911 phone systems preventing emergency calls from being answered quickly,” the Annapolis Police Department in Maryland said on Tuesday.

On a side note, I think it’s interesting that India uses the number 108 for Emergency Services since the number is prevalent in religion practiced in India.  The Wikipedia entry for 108 has a lot of great information about it in the Religion and Arts section here: